LOUIS i brung u les fleurs

I'm Leor/Dorian. I'm a fop and an invert. I like pretty things, baking, other men, old shit, and existential crises. I especially like it when any of these things intersect. He/him/his/himself.
~ Thursday, August 2 ~

(This is why you give me cases and keep me occupied by Ilssii and Rhi and violins and for god’s sake don’t let me near tumblr, yarn, or a word processor.)

Tags: Rhi I miss you Rhi you are my favouritest of all the Marys (Maries?) I love you even better than Mary Mabel Rogers who was a pretty brilliant murderess I love you even more than the actual Mary Morstan RHI OF ALL THE MARIES YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE AND I THINK WE SHOULD HANG OUT soapyblowholes I need to stop now kthnx
~ Saturday, July 28 ~

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Tags: Hahah yes childhood memories flooding in now
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