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I'm Leor/Dorian. I'm a fop and an invert. I like pretty things, baking, other men, old shit, and existential crises. I especially like it when any of these things intersect. He/him/his/himself.
~ Saturday, December 28 ~

let’s play the game of is it or is it not currently detrimental to my mental health to read some more Dorian Gray

Tags: night blogging I talked about this for like a really really long time last night But I think I might be up to reading some more. dorian gray
~ Thursday, November 22 ~

ok so here’s basically what happens in Don Giovanni apparently

So there’s this dude, and if you imagine that the antagonist from The Illustrious Client could have a baby with Casanova, you have that dude. And then he fucks a lot of people, fucks WITH everyone else, kills a dude, does some more stuff, invites a statue to dinner, and gets dragged into the firey pits of hell.

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~ Thursday, May 10 ~

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