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I'm Leor/Dorian. I'm a fop and an invert. I like pretty things, baking, other men, old shit, and existential crises. I especially like it when any of these things intersect. He/him/his/himself.
~ Sunday, September 21 ~
  • Patroclus: *pricks finger on thorn*
  • Achilles: *burns down entire forest*
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i like talking in big words but i also like talking in tiny chipped off corners of little words wbu

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i feel like life7imitates7art has come to expect a modicum of quality but no this blog is only really about my rough unseemly love affair with abbreviations and how i want to impress life7imitates7art

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usually i feel like i 100% know how to sit in chairs relative to my childhood but tbh i’m really bad in it if i’m not at a table/desk or it’s not a shaped chair like on public transit or a big chair like an armchair or something 

like u just ask me to sit in a chair w no table and nothing in my lap? im gonna have to stack up my legs and i’ll probably fuck up and my foot will get pins and needles or when i stand up i realize my butt is entirely numb (or only one buttcheek which is somehow much worse)

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does anyone wanna share their fun stories about sliding out of chairs all the time as a child and it is kind of exasperating and sometimes u get in trouble and u just being sort of lying on the floor with ur legs on the table like how did i get here and why

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i just tried to abbreviate ‘maybe’ as ‘mb’ my abbreviations have gone too far

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Meadham Kirchhoff SS15

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what an icon

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*thinks about cutting off all my hair to fit into the androgyny form promoted by white kids*

*remembers how hot i am*

u dnt need short hair to be andro or a boy, u dnt have to be white or have stick straight hair or anything. sick of seeing us being represented exclusively by white thin kids w their side swept hair.

gender is not ur physical appearance. 

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Anonymous said: Shakespeare was queer? I thought he only had affairs with ladies. What dudes did he get it on with?




so remember those sonnets, you know, about one hundred and twenty-six of them, the whole thing about “shall i compare thee to a summer’s day”

written to a hot male earl, dude

in 1640 some asshole named john literally had to change all the pronouns in those 126 sonnets because they were super fuckin queer and he was not comfy with how super fuckin queer they were

also, like, casual elizabethan bisexuality? christopher “they who love not tobacco and boys are fools” marlowe? the venetian “tit bridge”, where prostitutes were commanded by official decree to stand around topless to entice men who were bangin’ too many dudes, because there were so many gay men it was becoming a legitimate social problem?

welcome to the wonderful world of “literally everyone in the past was queer”, friend, enjoy your stay

ya know foucault would argue with u on that………


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is this ok can i have this blanket please


is this ok can i have this blanket please

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if you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to

why don’t you go where fashion sits


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